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Vice-premier sees big picture for art education

Updated: Apr 20,2015 11:35 AM

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong called for greater efforts to improve education in the arts, an indispensable part of the country’s quality-oriented education, after visiting several art academies in Beijing.

Liu visited the Central Conservatory of Music, the Central Academy of Drama, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Film Academy recently.

The arts should contribute to economic and cultural development by cultivating artistic talent and help to strengthen China’s soft power, Liu said.

While acknowledging progress made by art colleges in recent years, she called for greater efforts in reforming art education with the aim of ensuring students’ all-round development and the promotion of Chinese culture.

She also noted the importance of morality for artists and she said this required works to be based on time-honored Chinese culture and their work should always serve the people.

The Vice-Premier also said every single student should have the opportunity to receive an education in the arts and to this end she called for concerted efforts to tackle the shortage of teachers in rural areas and invite more specialists to deliver lectures in academies.

Information technology should be used to share education resources among schools in rural and remote areas, Liu said.

She asked the art academies to cultivate more artists to create works that serve the public and boost national unity.

Efforts should be done to optimize art subjects by boosting cultural industrial development, she said.