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China needs innovation to modernize agriculture

Updated: Nov 16,2015 3:45 PM

Vice-Premier Wang Yang elaborated on China’s development blueprint for the agriculture sector in the 13th Five-Year Plan in an article published in People’s Daily on Nov 16.

In recent years, China increased policy support to strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers and raise rural living standards, but as the country is confronting the increasing pressure of an economic downturn, we face new and higher requirements for agriculture modernization, Wang wrote in his article.

With innovation as the most important driving force for development, Wang argued that China should adopt a new mechanism for agriculture development, which includes innovation in management mode, rural property rights system as well as technology and other supporting factors.

While stressing a stable supply of major agricultural produce as the most important issue for modernized agriculture, the vice-premier vowed to promote a balanced development between grain planting, animal husbandry and fish farming.

Coordinated development between urban and rural areas as well as between agriculture, manufacturing and the service sector in rural areas is also necessary, Wang said, adding that a modernized agriculture would have a reasonable structure that suits the economy and society.

Wang also emphasized the importance of improving the environment, focusing particularly on the quality and safety of agricultural products as well as sewage treatment, to create a more beautiful and livable countryside.

Meanwhile, the vice-premier recommended using international agricultural resources, technologies, management experience and markets to benefit farmers in the process of modernizing agriculture.