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Vice-premier gives blessings to people of Fangchenggang

Updated: Dec 12,2018 11:31 AM

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan talks with young football players at a training base in Dongxing, Fangchenggang city, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, on Dec 11. The vice-premier led a central delegation on a visit to Fangchenggang for the 60th anniversary of the autonomous region’s founding. [Photo/Xinhua]

A central delegation headed by Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan traveled to Fangchenggang city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to celebrate Guangxi’s 60th anniversary, bringing good wishes to people there on Dec 11.

In the morning, Sun inspected a cultural preservation and inheritance center for the Jing ethnic group in Dongxing, a county-level city of Fangchenggang, and visited Su Chunfa, a representative of the Jing people and an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage.

The vice-premier inquired about his living situation and difficulties in art inheritance, and encouraged him to bring up more young talent and create more delicate works. She asked relative authorities to enhance protection of intangible cultural heritage and promote the inheritance of traditional culture.

At Dongxing’s football training base, Sun learned about the cultivation of football talent and its education on campus, and emphasized innovation in education models for young football players and exchanges with ASEAN countries.

In the afternoon, Sun met with representatives from all walks of life at a symposium celebrating Guangxi’s 60th anniversary in Fangchenggang. She said the tremendous changes of Fangchenggang are a result of the successful implementation of ethnic policies, as well as a microcosm of Guangxi’s 60 years of development.

She called on the local government to make more effort in reform and opening-up, make good use of its proximity to the ocean and promote exchanges among different ethnic groups to consolidate national unity and a peaceful border.

Then Sun headed for a Party branch in Hongsha, a coastal village of Fangchenggang. There she talked with Party members and learned about the building of the branch, saying she hopes the Party members set an example for everyone.

She also inspected the Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant and expressed appreciation for its following of international standards and independent intellectual property rights.