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Vice-premier calls for cultivating highly skilled talent

Updated: Jan 18,2019 10:52 AM

Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua stressed the importance of cultivating highly skilled talent while addressing a symposium in Beijing on Jan 17.

He said there still exist conflicts between talent supply and demand, and the talent cultivation system is not well developed.

China needs to create a sound appraisal system to help select talent and use their skills, he said. Moreover, occupational training should get boosted by integrating all kinds of educational resources and engaging enterprises, training organizations and associations.

Training migrant workers, unemployed college graduates, and veterans should be enhanced to add to the supply of highly skilled talent, he added.

Their gains and social positions should also be raised, with positive publicity to create a social atmosphere that honors labor and skill.

Hu also called on highly skill talent to combine individual growth with national development, pursue craftsmanship and innovation, and keep improving to make more contributions to the country.