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Vice-premier inspects Beijing Normal University

Updated: Mar 29,2019 4:31 PM

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan stressed the necessity to reform ideological and political theory courses in universities and improve pedagogical education while inspecting Beijing Normal University on March 28.

At the School of Marxism, Sun observed teachers’ collective lesson preparation and listened to an ideological and political theory class before communicating with teachers and students. She said ideological and political theory courses help nurture generations of talent, and pedagogical methods need improving to tailor the course to students’ thought and the country’s development.

Moreover, ideological and political education should be linked to academic disciplines. The teaching staff should also be enhanced. Strict standards must be applied in selecting, managing and evaluating teachers in terms of political mindset, integrity and teaching performance, she said.

She encouraged the School of Marxism to build up its discipline and strengthen training of teachers in order to take a lead in ideological and political theory for all kinds of schools. The Party committee of the university should shoulder major responsibilities, and the party secretary and president are urged to play a leading role in solving problems in ideological and political theory courses.

At the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Sun learned about the normal education, saying the education of normal students at public expense is an important supplement to high-quality teachers of primary and secondary schools.

Normal universities should optimize curricula, increase education level and improve teachers’ treatment. She said she hopes a batch of national normal education bases can be constructed and more excellent teachers are cultivated.