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Vice-premier inspects agricultural production in Henan

Updated: Jun 5,2019 10:50 AM

Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua, also a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, inspected agricultural production in Henan province from June 3 to 4, stressing good preparations for harvest, seeding and management in summer, which lays a solid foundation for food security and the supply of important agricultural products.

He observed the mechanical harvest of wheat and agricultural machinery operation onsite, and inspected production and promotion of improved seeds, operation of family farms and agricultural cooperatives and processing of agricultural products.

Noting the importance of field management of summer grains, Hu said measures must be taken to prevent dry and hot winds, lodgings and continuous and heavy rain, to ensure a good harvest.

Cross-regional machine harvests should be organized through information guidance and machine scheduling, he added.

He also stressed summer grain and rapeseed should be well-stored, and policy for grain purchasing must be well-implemented to protect the interests of farmers.

“It is necessary to prepare materials and technology for summer sowing and make full use of agricultural machinery, ensuring the speed and quality of sowing,” he said.

Plant diseases and insect pests must be prevented and controlled, especially spodoptera frugiperda, for which unified and joint emergency measures must be taken, he said, advising strengthened control in areas where it has occurred and increased prevention in areas where it has not.

The cultivation of family farms and agricultural cooperatives must speed up, he added, while emphasizing agricultural social services and increased efficiency in agricultural operations.