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State councilor urges sense of mission in public security work

Updated: May 07,2020 08:31 PM’s Daily

Public security departments and civil police should be fully committed to the missions they are tasked with by the Communist Party of China and the people in a new era, and strive to open a new chapter in public security work, said State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi in an article published in People’s Daily on May 7.

In the new landscape of advancing both socio-economic development and epidemic prevention, police officers should ensure public security and social stability, Zhao said.

A fundamental political principle in carrying out those actions is to unswervingly follow and reinforce the absolute leadership of the Party, he noted, emphasizing the need to strengthen political building among public security departments.

To fulfill their promise to the Party and the people to safeguard political security, social stability and a peaceful life for people in the new era, police personnel must foster a stronger sense of mission, Zhao said.

He noted public security authorities should enforce laws by strictly following due procedures and delivering fairness and justice in a civilized and law-based way, with enhanced supervision over enforcement.

To modernize the police system, Zhao called for reforms in institutional restructuring, big data applications and grassroots-level governance to build more powerful public security forces.

He also called for stringent management of related personnel to develop firm political beliefs, a deep sense of responsibility, strong capabilities and good discipline.