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State Council eyes TCM development

Updated: Feb 26,2016 5:20 PM

The State Council on Feb 26 issued a guideline on developing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) during the period of 2016-30.

According to the plan, it is expected that by 2020, every citizen can enjoy quality TCM services with balanced progress in TCM medical care, scientific research, education and culture. The government will take efforts to ensure that for every 1,000 people, there will be 0.55 beds in public TCM hospitals and 0.4 licensed TCM doctors.

The output of the TCM industry will account for 30 percent of the overall pharmaceutical industry. Related systems of laws, standards, supervision and policies will also be established.

By 2030, TCM medical care is expected to cover all aspects of services and play a leading role in treating serious diseases. A strong team of TCM personnel with hundreds of masters, thousands of doctors and millions of professionals will be trained.

In particular, the State Council urged building a TCM service network that covers both urban and rural areas. TCM services being integrated with the “Internet Plus” model will be widely promoted as well. The TCM industry is also encouraged to connect with tourism, health management and nursing services for the elderly.

Additionally, the State Council urged protection and industrialization of TCM herbs, as well as innovation in the TCM industry.