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Internet Plus services to provide convenience

Updated: Apr 26,2016 2:22 PM

On April 26, the State Council issued a circular regarding tests for further promotion of “Internet Plus administrative services” to benefit people through information sharing among government departments.

Over the next two years, the tests will be implemented in 80 cities. Inter-provincial digital license exchange and online identity verification system will be fully applied in 2017, reaching the “one number, one window, and one network” target that covers more than 80 percent of basic public services, according to the State Council.

The principle of further promotion of integration between Internet and administrative services is to improve administrative services by using online tools and big data to solve problems that people used to encounter when dealing with issues such as getting official certificates.

‘One number’ to streamline application process

Citizens can avoid duplicate applications by using their ID numbers as the only application number.

According to the circular, efforts should be made to establish a digital license catalog, constructing a digital license database, setting up cross-regional mutual recognition and sharing system of digital licensing, and studying regulations and standards regarding digital licensing.

‘One window’ to reform administrative services

People can enjoy administrative services at one place through the integration between Internet and administrative services.

Tasks for the “one window” administrative innovation is to establish an optimized management system of administrative services, upgrade functions of administrative service halls and set up service windows for comprehensive services, establish data sharing and exchange platforms and an administrative service information system, and construct an integrated online and offline administrative service system.

‘One network’ to build convenient channels of administrative services

People can get convenient administrative services on the Internet with a unified identity verification network system based on big data technologies.

Necessary measures and technologies will be applied to protect the security of national information and citizens’ privacy.