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Plan on sci-tech achievements transformation

Updated: May 9,2016 9:53 PM

The State Council on May 9 rolled out an action plan to promote the transformation of sci-tech achievements. It is the key to implementing structural reform, bolstering economic upgrading and adjusting industrial structure.

The action plan hopes that the market will play a “decisive” role in allocating resources for scientific and technological (sci-tech) innovation, and strengthening enterprises’ major role in promoting the transformation of sci-tech achievements.

It urged accelerating the shift of government functions through streamlining administration and delegating power, optimizing public services and strengthening government functions in policy-making, talent cultivation and public services.

The plan also requires to wield local governments’ influence in the transformation of sci-tech achievements, reinforce interdepartmental cooperation and the concerted efforts of the army and civilians to form a joint force in promoting the transformation.

In addition, it urged making use of Internet-based ideas, such as mass entrepreneurship and mass funding to spur innovation.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), goals include promoting the transformation of a group of major scientific technologies that can drive the upgrade of industrial structures and significantly enhance enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes’ ability to transform sci-tech achievements. By then, a functional, efficient and market-oriented system for the transformation of sci-tech achievement is expected to be fully completed.

In achieving these goals, the plan decided to: establish 100 demonstration institutes for the transformation of national technologies; give support to set up 10 demonstration zones for the transformation of sci-tech achievements in regions that meet certain conditions; establish a batch of Makerspaces to bolster the development of real economy; construct a number of bases for the cultivation of talents for technology transformation; bolster 10,000 specialized talents for technology transformation; set a target for trading volume for technical contracts to reach 2 trillion yuan.

The plan released a pack of sci-tech achievements in the fields of information networking, intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture and modern resources, which can promote investment and drive industrial upgrades.

It also urged guiding the transformation of sci-tech achievements in social service fields such as agriculture, healthcare and ecological construction.

Meanwhile, the action plan called for formulating information norms, promoting technology plans at the central and local levels and establishing a data service platform for resource exchange.

The plan encouraged every institute to make use of information technologies, including cloud computing and big data, to carry out value-added information service for sci-tech achievements, and provide precise sci-tech information that meets users’ demands.

In addition, it called for the establishment of a platform for the transformation achievements of the defense science and technology industry and to set up a fund for industrial investment.

The plan also supports colleges, universities and technology research institutes to release a catalogue of sci-tech achievements and set up network to provide technology services to enterprises.

At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to set up research and technology transformation agencies with colleges and technology research institutes and to promote cross-industry coordination for the transformation of sci-tech achievements.

It also called for the establishment of a number of bases to industrialize sci-tech achievements and set up an online platform for technology transaction.