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State Council establishes joint session to promote TCM

Updated: Aug 25,2016 1:00 PM

An inter-ministerial joint session will be set up under the State Council to promote traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), according to an official document issued by the cabinet on Aug 25.

The session is aimed at making policies for the development of traditional Chinese medicine, instructing implementation and solving potential problems.

It will be chaired by Vice-Premier Liu Yandong and made up of 36 ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

The session will enhance their collaboration and efficiency on the issue concerning TCM development, said the document.

According to the official plan, a plenary joint session will be held every year and special meetings will be held as needed. Decisions made by the session will be submitted to the State Council for approval.

The State Council also urges session members to be active in studying issues concerning traditional Chinese medicine, submitting policy suggestions and implementing the decisions effectively.