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Researchers, teachers allowed to take part-time jobs

Updated: Nov 8,2016 4:51 PM

Scientific researchers and teachers are allowed to take some part-time jobs in accordance with laws and regulations, according to a guideline issued recently by the Communist Party of China and the State Council general offices.

Under the condition that scientific researchers have fulfilled their duties and agreed to by their institutions, they can take paid part-time jobs at other research organizations, universities or social organizations, said the guideline.

Scientific researchers are also encouraged to take volunteer part-time jobs, participate in consultation, poverty alleviation, disseminating scientific knowledge and legal aid.

The guideline stressed that research institutions and universities should contract rights and responsibilities with part-time researchers. Part-time information should be made public. Scientific researchers should take note that technology secrets of their affiliated institutions cannot be revealed and rights of the original institutions cannot be violated.

Part-time income belongs to the individuals in principle. A report mechanism should be established for those who receive stock equity or dividends.

Approved by their universities, teachers can give lectures at multiple places and get paid. They are encouraged to use various media such as internet platforms to promote good teaching materials and lessons.

The guideline is aimed at accelerating the implementation of innovation-driven strategy, stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship of scientific researchers and creating an environment where labor, knowledge and talent are widely respected.