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State Council rolls out legislation plan for 2017

Updated: Mar 20,2017 3:06 PM

The State Council released a circular laying out key legislation tasks for 2017, as an effort to promote stable economic and social development, improve people’s lives, protect the environment, safeguard national security, and enhance government services.

According to the circular, several key laws should be drafted and reviewed as soon as possible to push forward progress in supply-side reform, including revised laws on the administration of tax collection, revised standardization law, and several other laws in the social, business, and political sectors.

The circular urged that four administrative laws and regulations be revised or formulated this year, to better support social and economic development, and continued opening up.

These regulations include a revised draft of the patent law, revised provisions on the bidding scope and scale standard of construction projects, revised regulations on patent commissioning, and implementation rules of the law on conclusion of treaties.

In addition, the circular also laid out this year’s schedule to complete legislation on other laws concerning people’s livelihood, resource and environment protection, and national security.

According to the circular, these laws include revised provisions on compensation for land acquisition and settlement of migrants for large and medium hydroelectric projects, law on public libraries, revised regulation on internet information service, draft of marine traffic safety law, and the espionage act, to name a few.