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China’s regulation on volunteer services to take effect in December

Updated: Sep 6,2017 5:10 PM

China’s regulation on volunteer services will take effect on Dec 1, according to a decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang and released by the State Council on Sept 6.

The regulation was passed at the State Council executive meeting on June 7 in order to encourage and regulate volunteer services in China.

Volunteer service refers to any volunteer activities provided by individuals or groups to benefit other people or certain social groups for no financial gain.

Volunteers may register their personal information, service skills and service time on the volunteer service information system, designated by civil administration departments, or register through volunteer service organizations.

According to the document, volunteer service organizations can be registered as social groups, social service organizations, or foundations in accordance with related laws and regulations.

Volunteer service organizations can recruit volunteers, providing them with skills training needed by certain volunteer activities, and protecting their legitimate rights such as purchasing personal accident insurance for them if applicable.

While volunteers should obey the arrangement of volunteer service organizations, including accepting necessary training before participating in volunteer activities.

Volunteer services and activities for emergencies should be coordinated by agencies authorized by the government.

Local governments above county level are urged to establish and improve their volunteer service management and publishing system.

Media outlets including radio, television, newspaper and online platforms should actively publicize volunteer service activities as well as volunteer service culture and spirit.

Overseas volunteer service organizations and volunteers should obey the rules specified in the decree and related Chinese laws and regulations when carrying out volunteer services in China.