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State Council approves Fuxin’s city plan

Updated: Sep 22,2017 4:57 PM

The State Council has approved the urban plan (2001-2020) for Fuxin, a city in Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Located in northwestern Liaoning, Fuxin is an important base for the equipment manufacturing industry.

According to the plan, urban and rural areas in the city should be developed in a coordinated way. In the designated area of 1,955 square kilometers, an integrated construction with common infrastructure and public service facilities of urban and rural areas is required. Priority will be given to develop counties and potential towns, and villages will receive more guidance in layout.

By 2020, the downtown population will be limited to 730,000, and urban construction area restricted to 83.35 square kilometers. Land should be utilized intensively, with underground space properly developed and farmland well-preserved.

In addition, the State Council urges Fuxin to establish a comprehensive transportation system and prompt the construction of parking lots. Constructing pipelines and other infrastructure for water supply and drainage, as well as garbage disposal, should be carried out proactively.

Moreover, a disaster prevention system, including early warning and relief facilities, should be improved.

The State Council also called for a prompt reduction of backward capacity and restraint in pollutant emissions. Greener efforts should be made to beef up the construction of sponge city and energy-saving buildings, and the protection of ecological resorts such as nature reserves and wetlands.

To create a harmonious living environment for people, construction of subsidized apartments and shantytown reconstruction will be stepped up. Restoration of deserted industrial sites is also in the pipeline in favor of an organic renewal of the city.

The local government is also asked to preserve historic relics in city construction, creating a harmonious mingling of natural and cultural landscapes.