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State Council cuts another 52 administrative approvals

Updated: Sep 29,2017 7:43 PM

The State Council has decided to eliminate 52 more administrative approval items to further simplify administration, according to a circular issued on Sept 29.

The canceled items include 40 items that require approvals from State Council departments, such as the qualification of engineering consultation units, certification for geological surveys, right to review professor titles in higher education institutions, material approval for packages and containers that come into direct contact with drugs, and certification of third-party online drug sale enterprises.

Twelve items that the central authority had designated to local governments, such as the approvals for providing international shipping management service, reporting water resource assessment for construction projects and establishing cable television systems in urban communities, have also been cut.

For 23 items that were established in accordance with laws and regulations, the State Council will submit them to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for amendment on the laws and regulations.

After the cancellation, the State Council urged all regions and departments to regulate industry standards, strengthening oversight over the whole process of business operations to bring about the positive effects of certification management.

Departments that no longer need to give approvals should take the responsibilities of working out industry regulations, and coordinate with each other to optimize workflows, shorten approval times and provide convenience for enterprises, according to the circular.