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State Council issues guideline on Internet Plus healthcare

Updated: Apr 28,2018 7:11 PM

The State Council General Office issued a guideline on the promotion of Internet Plus healthcare development to improve healthcare modernization management, optimize resource distribution, innovate service mode, improve service efficiency, reduce service cost and meet the increasing demand on healthcare.

According to the guideline, medical institutions are encouraged to use information technologies, such as the internet, to expand the space and content of healthcare service. Integrated healthcare service covering the whole process of treatment will be constructed. It allows the development of online hospitals that rely on medical institutions.

Healthcare institutions also are encouraged to cooperate with internet companies to enhance the integration of regional healthcare information. Big data analysis can be used to predict epidemic trends, strengthen intelligent monitoring on infectious diseases and improve the response ability to prevent and control serious illnesses and public healthcare emergencies.

The guideline urged accelerating the construction and utilization of the information platform so that people can sign up with a family doctor. The online evaluation and reward mechanism will be explored to improve the services of family doctors, and increase people’s trust in them.

According to the guideline, the interconnection of prescription information of healthcare institutions and medicine retail information will be further explored. This can help promote the development of online medicine sales and the logistics of medical supplies.

The integration of medical insurance information will be accelerated, and online payment will be gradually expanded to provide more convenient service for insured people.

Cloud platforms of healthcare education and a training platform will be established, and healthcare workers are encouraged to initiate discussions on rare diseases difficult to diagnose, and serious diseases.

Online platforms of scientific healthcare knowledge also should be established. Healthy lifestyles will be promoted to improve people’s ability to manage their health.

The guideline called on the promotion of Internet Plus artificial intelligence to improve healthcare service efficiency and fundamental medical treatment service of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Real-time personal healthcare, such as monitoring, evaluation and recognizing diseases, can be realized through portable healthcare devices and artificial intelligence technology.

Regions and related departments should coordinate with each other to construct a united, authoritative and interconnected healthcare information platform covering all people.

The nationwide healthcare data resource catalogs and standard system should be unified and regulated. Basic standards for healthcare, data security, personal information protection and information sharing should be made.

Related laws and regulations for healthcare big data should be formulated. Confidentiality rules should be strictly observed. Illegal trading and information disclosure will be punished.