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More production permits for industrial goods to be canceled

Updated: Sep 30,2018 5:15 PM

The State Council has decided to cut more production permits for industrial goods, and delegate some of them to provincial quality inspection departments, according to a circular released on Sept 30.

Fourteen kinds of production permits, including for refrigeration equipment, gas appliance and lifesaving appliances, were eliminated, and approvals for four kinds of permits, including for combustion engines and anti-counterfeiting technical products, were delegated to lower levels.

After the move, products that require production permits were reduced from 38 to 24, and only seven of them need approval from national quality inspection departments.

The approval process for production permits is being simplified. Product examinations organized by issuing authorities will be canceled. Instead, applicant enterprises only need to submit qualified test reports.

On-site examinations for products requiring provincial-level permits can be arranged after the license has been awarded, except for dangerous chemicals. A license can be presented as long as enterprises submit related documents and make a quality-security commitment.

And one license will be issued to one company, regardless of its number of product types.

The document showed that goods relating to public security, public health and environmental protection, will be replaced by mandatory certification. A list of these products will be compiled and released to the public, and certification charges will be funded by public finance.

While implementing compulsory certification, support measures should be used to encourage enterprises that are willing to be certified, so that brand development and market expansion can be promoted, according to the circular.

For items that still require approvals, related departments are urged to improve quality standards, strengthen supervision and evaluate risks in a timely manner.