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State Council promotes stable employment

Updated: Dec 5,2018 3:01 PM

The State Council emphasized stable employment in a circular released on Dec 5.

The circular said that enterprises with no or few layoffs can get back 50 percent of actual unemployment insurance premiums paid in the previous year.

It also stated that governmental-secured financing institutions should provide more support to small and micro enterprises with a lower rate of security.

Self-employed entrepreneurs can apply for guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship of up to 150,000 yuan, and small and micro enterprises with 25 percent of their employees hired as required by the loan could get up to 3 million yuan.

Meanwhile, authorities were urged at all levels to relax requirements for application of guaranteed loans, the circular said.

The State Council also encourages the establishment of start-up incubators to provide low-cost venues, guidance and policy support for entrepreneurs, and those that perform well will be rewarded.

Trainee subsidies will be extended from unemployed graduates to unemployed youth aged 16 to 24, according to the circular.

Weak companies are encouraged to conduct on-the-job training for employees, the circular said, adding that colleges, vocational training institutions, and qualified enterprises are encouraged to carry out vocational and entrepreneurship training for the unemployed.

Those with vocational qualification certificates can apply for skills promotion subsidies, and the condition will be relaxed from three years payment of unemployment insurance to one year, according to the circular.

The unemployed can register at the public employment service agencies of their permanent residences, and enjoy local employment and entrepreneurial services, employment support policies, and tax incentives.

Eligible unemployed persons also can receive unemployment insurance benefits, and laid-off workers with financial difficulties will be offered interim living subsidies.

Local governments at all levels should play an effective role in promoting employment in the region, the circular said.

The circular also urged relevant departments to ramp up publicity about the policies, optimize workflow, and strengthen supervision, ensuring that recipients can benefit from the policies and the funds.

The social responsibilities of enterprises also are mentioned in the circular.