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Priorities for govt information disclosure clarified

Updated: Jul 03,2020 08:27 PM

The General Office of the State Council issued a document on July 3 outlining key priorities in disclosing information on government services in 2020.

An administrative organ should upgrade and improve its list of powers and responsibilities, and make the list public as required, according to the document.

Greater transparency in exercise of powers and a faster pace in building mechanisms for public engagement in primary-level administrative decision-making were called for.

Information about government services demands enhanced management. Before the end of this year, State Council departments in charge of judicial administration should publish a uniform list of existing effective administrative laws and regulations, allowing online browsing, search and download.

Among the issues stressed in the document was disclosing more interpretations regarding policies for ensuring stability on six fronts and security in six areas.

This will help shape encouraging public opinion to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic and achieve social and economic development targets throughout the year.

In particular, being transparent about the flow and use of funds from such policies will bolster efforts to ensure these funds go straight to primary levels in cities and counties and directly benefit enterprises and the people as desired.

More public access was urged for administrative information about business environment improvements, as was providing market entities with more targeted and convenient policy consulting. Formalities involved should be made easier, it was asserted.

Information disclosure should also be strengthened for public health-related emergencies, including timely and accurate updates on COVID-19 developments and more public attention to contingency plans of various levels and types, as well as public health tips.

To support disclosure of administrative information, government websites and new media platform designed for this purpose should be better equipped. By the end of 2020, all government portals at provincial and prefecture levels should be able to support the internet protocol version 6 (IPv6).