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Premier Li meets with Obama

Updated: Nov 12,2014 9:37 PM

Premier Li Keqiang (R) shakes hands with US President Barack Obama during their meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Nov 12, 2014.[Photo/Xinhua]

Premier Li Keqiang met with US President Barack Obama in Beijing on Nov 12.

The Premier said that China and the US share broad cooperation prospects and common interest in maintaining world peace and stability; promoting a strong, sustainable and balanced growth in global economy and the progress of human civilization.

Li mentioned that President Xi Jinping held a strategic meeting with President Obama and reached broad consensus.

China and the US, the world’s largest developing country and the developed country should strengthen strategic mutual trust, give full play to complementary advantages and enhance mutually beneficial cooperation. The two should properly handle differences and frictions based on the principles of mutual respect and fairness to promote Sino-US relations developing in the right way.

Li stressed that Sino-US economic and trade cooperation as a ballast and propeller for bilateral ties can have a positive multiplier effect on Sino-US relations. He hoped that the two countries can soon achieve a high-level and balanced bilateral investment treaty in a pragmatic and flexible attitude.

Premier Li Keqiang (5th R) and US President Barack Obama (3rd L) attend a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Nov 12, 2014.[Photo/Xinhua]

The two should develop new bilateral trade growth points, increase the cooperation potential of infrastructure construction and improve the level of scientific and technological cooperation. Li hoped that the US can soon take substantial measures on loosening restrictions of exporting high-tech products to China.

China and the US announced their respective post-2020 goals of coping with climate change in a joint announcement issued after the Xi-Obama talks.

This should be taken as an opportunity to expand cooperation in shale gas, nuclear, renewable energy sources and low-carbon and environmental protection technologies. Li hoped the US takes an active attitude and practical action toward exporting related energy products and technologies to China.

The Premier said he and President Obama will both head to Myanmar for the 9th East Asia Summit. China and the US, as important members of the summit, should stick to mutual trust and win-win cooperation and achieve benign interaction in the region, Li said.

The Chinese side is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with the US on international and regional affairs to jointly safeguard and promote peace, development and prosperity in the region and the world beyond, Li noted.

Obama said the US and China are quite close partners, adding that expanding cooperation between the two countries, the world’s two largest economies, benefits not only the two countries but also the world.

The US hopes to step up negotiations on the treaty about bilateral investment, expand investment, push forward trade liberalization, cement cooperation in areas such as energy innovation, boost economic growth and employment in the two nations, and work toward world economic recovery, Obama pointed out.

The US welcomes more Chinese companies investing in the country, he added.

Vice-Premier Wang Yang was present at the meeting between the Premier and Obama.