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Premier stresses importance of real employment rate

Updated: Jun 11,2015 11:38 AM

Employment is one of the economic indicators that most concerns Premier Li Keqiang, as he has stressed on many occasions that employment plays an essential role in people’s living conditions and is essential for economic progress.

During an executive meeting of the State Council on June 10, Premier Li said that the country must ensure employment and increase people’s income in order to further develop the economy.

Surveyed unemployment rate is of great importance

Premier Li stressed the significance of the surveyed unemployment rate as a macroeconomic indicator, as seen when analyzing economic data from other countries.

He said that macroeconomic policies in many countries refer to the surveyed unemployment rate, and for China, the employment indicator has always played an important role in its development.

The State Council decided at an executive meeting of last July to release the surveyed unemployment rate figures for the country’s major cities and towns, so as to promote economic and social development.

During the meeting on June 10, Premier Li asked relevant departments to further expand the scope — and improve the methods — of data collection, thus ensuring data reliability.

He said the unemployment rate is “crucial for judging the economic situation,” and employment plays an essential role in the development of the economy. “Jobs provide an income and a tangible benefit of economic progress for ordinary people.”

Premier focuses on real employment rate

Premier Li said that he had recently read a report saying that the employment rate of graduates of many colleges and universities is inaccurate and that there are “problems related to data fabrication.”

He told heads of relevant departments present at the meeting on June 10 to conduct investigations and report the results in a timely manner.

“The employment rate is an important indicator of economic performance. If what the report said is inaccurate, relevant authorities should issue a statement — otherwise, if what the report said is true, efforts should be made to correct any problem,” the Premier said.