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Premier calls for fair environment for underprivileged students

Updated: Jul 9,2015 2:24 PM

During the State Council executive meeting on July 8, Premier Li Keqiang decided to increase national student loan amounts in order to build a fair environment for the education of underprivileged students.

“It is essential to build a fair path for the growth of underprivileged students so that they have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education,” the Premier said. “They will have an equal starting point with well-off children, and have equal opportunities.”

During a visit to the village of Pudong, Liping county, Guizhou, on Chinese new year’s eve, Premier Li asked college students and graduates about difficulties concerning their studies and professional goals. The students said that there were issues regarding student loans connecting between different places, and high repayment rates.

Premier Li immediately asked representatives from the State Council who were accompanying him to conduct serious investigations, saying that this is an important issue involving education equity and regional cooperative development - and the State Council needs to conduct research and develop a new policy.

Five months later, the reform concerning student loans was on the agenda of the State Council executive meeting. The Premier said that the policy of national student loans aims to benefit many students from underprivileged families - and the people welcome it.

He also said it is important to consider both economic and political factors when drafting the new policy.

The Premier added that when the new policy is unveiled, it will be essential to make sure that more underprivileged students will hear about it.

At the same time, strict supervision will ensure it is implemented in a fair and professional manner, and must never be obtained in an underhand manner.