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Premier Li calls for integrated public resource platforms

Updated: Aug 1,2015 9:32 AM

At the State Council executive meeting on July 31, Premier Li Keqiang laid a roadmap for creating integrated and unified public resource trading platforms.

“We shall put all public resources on the integrated platforms,” he said, adding that “this will lower trading costs, avoid rent-seeking, thus increasing transparency and preventing corruption with system.”

The meeting decided to integrate the now-scattered and disjointed platforms covering construction project bidding, the transfer of land-use rights, mining rights, State-owned properties and government procurement projects so as to increase efficient allocation of resources and transparency.

The Premier urged to test such practice in local places and find problems and summarize experiences and then expand them across the country, thus forming standard, integrated, open, transparent public resources trading platforms with highly efficient services and standardized supervision.

Meanwhile he urged not to increase the burden of the public and the market players in advancing this reform.

“Some of our policies are meant well, he said. “But in the process of implementing them, the public are sometimes forced to do a lot of legwork and spend money in replacing certificates. This time we will firmly avoid such phenomena.”

“We build integrated public resource trading forms mainly through integrating electronic information,” said the Premier. “We also learned some mature experiences from developed countries.”

He urged relevant departments and local authorities to strictly follow rules in building such platforms.