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Premier gives instructions to boost agricultural water projects

Updated: Oct 30,2015 7:57 PM

Premier Li Keqiang on Oct 30 urged further reform on the financing mechanism for farmland irrigation projects to improve the country’s water infrastructure as part of the government’s efforts to build modern agriculture.

“Water projects can help guarantee a solid basis of agriculture and increase farmers’ income,” said the Premier in his instructions made for the national teleconference on cropland irrigation construction projects for the following winter and spring, which convened in Beijing on Oct 30.

“We need to innovate new funding mechanisms and try to attract more social capital. Meanwhile, we will have to improve our management and operation of the projects to secure the farmers’ long-term benefits,” the Premier said.

Vice-Premier Wang Yang attended the teleconference. He called on governments at all levels to expand investment on agricultural water projects, especially from farmers and the society.

“The government will improve the long-term management and protection of the water projects, and speed up the establishment of the agricultural water pricing mechanism,” Wang said.

Furthermore, he called for a boost in the purchasing capacity of autumn grain and more support for the farmers to optimize their farming structure, as well as better work in forestation, animal disease control and fire prevention in forests and steppes.