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Premier writes about the role of innovation and entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 13,2016 1:36 PM

China’s call for “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” is aimed at boosting the country’s business startups with innovative approaches in a bid to upgrade its development, Premier Li Keqiang said in an article in Xinhua Digest magazine published on Jan 5.

In the article, Premier Li urged governments, confronted by an economic downturn, to optimize the industrial structure and expand demands, especially to transform China from a large manufacturer into a strong one.

To grow the new competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry requires not only research and innovation of core technologies such as 3D printing, but also the rapid application and industrialization of such breakthroughs, Premier Li said.

“We should satisfy market demands with customized products and reduced energy consumption so that ‘Made-in-China’ can stand out in both price and quality,” he said.

Premier Li hailed the “Internet Plus” model, raised in 2015’s government work report, as a significant innovation in terms of allocating resources. He called on governments to integrate the model with not only manufacturing but also services.

“Internet Plus has changed the corporate marketing and management models, which requires governments to transform supervisory patterns,” he said.

Furthermore, Premier Li said the pursuit of “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” should make the most of the country’s abundant labor force, vast market space and integral industrial system.

“Implementation of the policy will also drive the intelligent upgrades of enterprises in traditional industries, as well as the development of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and 3D printing,” the Premier said.