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‘Walking diplomacy’ between Premier Li and Merkel

Updated: Jun 13,2016 4:42 PM

A special meeting was arranged between Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the beginning of Merkel’s visit to China on June 12 -- they visited Summer Palace and took a walk from the East Palace Gate to the Grand Stage.

“That is the Temple of Buddhist Incense, a building from the 18th century. And this is the 17-Arch Bridge, a landmark spot at Summer Palace,” Premier Li said while introducing the picturesque landscape to Merkel.

“I’m very happy to come to China again and visit the beautiful Summer Palace with you,” Merkel responded.

The walk lasted only 20 minutes, but China’s traditional craftsmanship was fully demonstrated.

This was not the first time they took a walk together. During Premier Li’s visit to Germany three years ago, Merkel invited him for a casual walk in the garden of Schloss Meseberg. Generally, only foreign leaders of nations with close ties to Germany are invited there.

From Schloss Meseberg to Summer Palace, the “walking diplomacy” is a symbol of the two leaders’ friendship and the two countries’ cooperation.

[Photo/China Daily]

Before inviting Merkel to dinner, Premier Li had a meeting with her in a small garden of Summer Palace. They expressed confidence in China-Germany ties and willingness for more cooperation.

According to the plan, the dinner would last one hour, but they talked so agreeably that it had to be extended to more than two hours.

Since taking office in 2013, the Premier has met with Merkel five times. Some media compare their meetings to the popular American TV show “Friends”, and this time would be the newest episode of the series.