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Premier Li and Merkel hold joint news conference

Updated: Jun 13,2016 8:52 PM

Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a joint news conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on June 13.

Premier Li highlighted the achievements of their meeting and the fourth round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultations. He said the consultations have greatly promoted bilateral relations. Based on the spirit of innovation, the two sides have agreed to consolidate political mutual trust, deepen cooperation in fields such as trading, investment and finance. The two will also actively develop the third-party market, intelligent manufacturing, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The two countries will treat each other fairly, reach more consensuses and expand common interest to improve the bilateral strategic partnership and create a better environment for world economic recovery and bilateral practical cooperation.

Answering a question on Article 15 of the Accession Protocol of China’s entry to the World Trade Organization, Premier Li said that the core issue is to fulfill obligations. China has fulfilled its commitments, he said. The EU should also fulfill its obligations. The two sides have the wisdom to address the issue to promote practical cooperation between the two, he added.

When answering question of Chinese enterprises making acquisitions in Germany, Premier Li said that both China and Germany have a supportive and open attitude toward enterprises from both countries that carry out mutual beneficial cooperation within legal framework in accordance with market principles and international practice.

The Premier said that China’s development is the process of opening wider to the outside world. “We will take various measures to further expand the opening-up, creating a fair, transparent and attractive investment environment for domestic and foreign investors and German enterprises,” said the Premier.

“We support Chinese enterprises to work together with German enterprises to expand international market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result in a wider range,” he added.

Merkel said this round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultation has achieved positive results. The German side is supporting China to continue to play a positive role in international affairs and is willing to work together with China to expand new points of growth for bilateral cooperation in fields such as third-party market, she said.

Germany will also work together with China to properly address differences and create a good environment for enterprises from both countries to expand mutual investment and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result.

Merkel also said Germany is clear about the promise that China has made in the Article 15 of the Accession Protocol of China’s entry to the World Trade Organization.

Germany will ask the European Commission to carry out consultations with the Chinese side, finding a solution in line with the WTO rules and also properly handle economic and trade issues, she said. She wished that the China-EU leaders’ meeting to be held this year will promote the development of EU and China relations.