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Premier lays out path for new counselors and researchers

Updated: Aug 17,2016 9:25 PM

[Photo/China News Service]

Premier Li Keqiang congratulated newly appointed counselors to the State Council and new members of the CPC Central Research Institute of Culture and History, and awarded them with appointment letters on August 17 in Beijing.

He told them the Counselors’ Office under the State Council and CPC Central Research Institute of Culture and History, are playing a key role in strengthening the country’s political power. All of the State Council’s departments should take their research results and political advice seriously, with an effort to improve the government’s work and administrative level, he said.


[Photo/China News Service]

Talking about the country’s economic situation, Premier Li encouraged everyone to conduct more practical research concerning the new trend of world economy, the balanced development of economic growth and structural adjustment, supply-side reform, fostering new economic driving forces, and innovation.

Chinese history and culture is a mirror of today’s society, the Premier said, adding that researchers can make suggestions to the social governance today based on the study of history. He encouraged them to promote Chinese traditional culture and the modernization of Chinese civilization.

[Photo/China News Service]

Premier Li also stressed the importance of a scientific and democratic government decision-making system. “Authorities at all levels should adapt to the demands of modern development, establish a decision-making mechanism which can fully reflect people’s will, extensively gather people’s wisdom and efficiently improve people’s interests,” he said.

In addition, the Premier pointed out that the Counselor’s Office of the State Council and CPC Central Research Institute of Culture and History should try to build a high-level government consultant institution to play an important role in economic and social development, as well as cultural prosperity.