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Highlights from Premier’s articles on China-ASEAN ties

Updated: Sep 9,2016 2:20 PM

This year marks the 25th anniversary of dialogue relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Mainstream news media in Laos published an article by Premier Li Keqiang on Sept 7, during the Premier’s stay in Vientiane, for the 19th China-ASEAN (10+1) leaders’ meeting, the 19th China-ASEAN, Japan and the Republic of Korea (10+3) leaders’ meeting, and the 11th East Asia Summit.

The Premier has attended the leaders’ meeting four times and published four articles about witnessing the growth of bilateral relations. Here are some highlights.

Laos, September 2016

About China-Laos ties

In the article, the Premier said that China and ASEAN are good neighbors, friends and partners, and the two sides should maintain and deepen political trust, better promote mutual development and increase cooperation in international affairs.

As more Chinese people are becoming fans of Laos culture, foods, scenic spots, and coffee, governments of the two countries should create conditions for promoting people-to-people, tourism and media exchanges and encourage people to travel to each other’s country, said the article.

About China-ASEAN relations

This year marks the 25th anniversary of China-ASEAN dialogue, which is the basis of regional peace and stability, and cooperation by the two sides can also promote prosperity throughout East Asia, Premier Li said in the article.

This year is also the start of the foundation of ASEAN community, and China will continue to support the pillar position of ASEAN in regional cooperation and its bigger role in international affairs.

The Premier also said that China is glad to work with Laos and other ASEAN countries to build a common destiny community and bring more cooperation results to more regions and people.

Malaysia, November 2015

About China-Malaysia ties

On Nov 20, 2015, main newspapers in Malaysia, including the Star and New Straits Times, published an article by Premier Li.

Trade exchanges between China and Malaysia can be traced back to centuries ago, and the two countries respect each other in politics, and enjoy a mutually complementary economy, according to the Premier.

China has been Malaysia’s largest trading partner for seven consecutive years, and Malaysia is China’s largest partner among ASEAN countries, said the Premier.

About China-ASEAN relations

The Premier said the China-ASEAN relationship is an important basis for regional peace and stability and prosperity. With the pressure of existing international financial crisis, and downward pressures from the global economy, the unity and cooperation, working together and common prosperity of countries in the region are especially important, he added.

Under the complicated international situation, longtime regional unity, peace and stability in this region are worth being preserved by all the countries in the region, the Premier said.

Myanmar, November 2014

About China-Myanmar ties

Major media in Myanmar published Premier Li’s article in November 2014, and in the article the Premier recalled his visit to the country 28 years ago.

Premier Li Keqiang said China and Myanmar should be good friends, partners and brothers sharing wealth and woes.

About China-ASEAN relations

The Premier said that China and ASEAN are good neighbors with shared borders, cultures, and blood. The two sides have set an example of common development and communication among different nationalities, religions, and cultures.

As a backbone force of peace and stability in East Asia, China supports ASEAN’s active role in regional stability.

The two sides are natural strategic partners and a community of common destiny with increasing cooperation in all fields.

China will increase input to underdeveloped nations in ASEAN, and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Mekong countries in poverty alleviation and social development to bridge gaps in the organization.

Thailand, October 2013

About China-Thailand ties

Thai media released Premier Li’s article in October 2013.

In the article, the Premier said that China, with successes and strong capacity in high-speed railways, is willing to take part in Thailand’s railway construction to help it become a regional traffic hub.

The two sides will also work together in electricity, power grid, water conservancy, and renewable energy.

About China-ASEAN relations

The development of China will unleash stronger market demands, providing immense cooperation space to Thailand and ASEAN as a whole.