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Premier: Govt planning should meet people’s demand

Updated: Dec 8,2016 10:10 AM

Premier Li Keqiang makes an inspection visit to the National Development and Reform Commission on Dec 7, 2015. [Photo/China News Service]

Premier Li Keqiang stressed the need to put the public’s needs first when the government formulates major policies and implements internet-related plans.

“The planning of key subjects in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) should meet people’s demand and adapt to the crucial needs of national development,” Premier Li said at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 7.

The meeting passed three crucial plans including the promotion of national informationization during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Premier Li urged related departments to achieve major progress in the fields that are on top of people’s priority list such as improving internet speed and reducing charges, cracking down on internet fraud, and making government information more transparent.

In terms of improving internet speed and cutting fees, the Premier affirmed the achievements made in recent years, while pointing out that the government has yet to meet the public’s expectations.

“We should not only strengthen the infrastructure of information and communication, including the backbone of the network, but also make efforts to solve the technical difficulties which constraint internet speed such as fiber optic connection, “ the Premier said, adding that “we should effectively enhance people’s ‘sense of gain’ from improving internet speed and cutting fees”.

Premier Li reiterated the need to fight telecommunication fraud. At a meeting in September, Premier Li called for imposing heavier punishment on illegal activities such as using base station to conduct telecommunication fraud.

“We should take a tough stance on cracking down on telecommunication fraud, providing a secure network for the public to safeguard information security and people’s interests,” said the Premier.

The “isolation” of government information restricts the construction of modern government, and increases the difficulties for the people to resolve their affairs. The Premier urged breaking through government departments’ information barriers, building a unified, efficient interconnected, safe and reliable national data resources system, and connecting the information system of every government department, to promote information sharing across all departments and at all levels.

Meanwhile, information projects that bring benefits for the public such as “internet plus government service” should be implemented to accelerate the opening up of public data resources to the public, said the Premier.

“We must meet the expectations of the people by focusing on crucial areas to transform the country into an ‘information power’,” Premier Li added.