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Premier Li calls for an intermediary service overhaul

Updated: Jan 5,2017 7:48 PM

Premier Li Keqiang warned that some government officials might profit from intermediary organs dealing with administrative approval items that had been weeded out. Enterprises must pay for intermediary services to accomplish certain tasks, which led to an increase in their burden, he said at the State Council’s executive meeting on Jan 4.

“Resolution must be made to eliminate irregular intermediary services, especially the ones manipulated by government officials,” said Premier Li.

He called for more efforts to overhaul this form of graft.

To reduce institutional costs, the meeting called for cutting 20 intermediary service items concerning legal profession qualification certification and approval of manufacturing railway transportation equipment.

Before, applicants entrusted intermediary organs to carry out approval procedures, and this time some government departments began to pay for intermediary services with money charged from enterprises.

Premier Li praised the practice, and encouraged the government to purchase such services transparently to contain random charges and ease burdens on enterprises.

“The government will benefit more by purchasing services or canceling intermediary services, as enterprises’ motivation and market vitality can be greatly stimulated this way,” said the Premier.