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Premier calls for regulated law enforcement

Updated: Jan 12,2017 9:24 AM

“Standardizing uniforms and logos for urban management officers is not just about ‘changing forms’, it aims at promoting civilized and regulated law enforcement, “ Premier Li Keqiang said at a State Council executive meeting on Jan 11.

The meeting, which was chaired by Premier Li, decided to standardize uniforms and logos for urban management officers, promote civilized law enforcement to improve urban management and enhance government credibility.

The Premier said urban management officers directly face the common people, so their behaviors had close ties with the benefits of citizens.

“So we should build urban management teams with improved regulation, management, and optimized services, while avoiding force and arbitrary law enforcement,” he said, adding that regulating the behaviors of urban management officers by unifying uniforms is the reform goal.

The Premier urged that more tolerance and more flexibility be given to the exploration of comprehensive law enforcement, as the meeting stressed regulating recruitment of law enforcement personnel and streamlining redundant staff, with a focus on the grassroots levels of cities, counties, and communities.

He said some local governments have implemented comprehensive law enforcement, and combined the enforcement officers together, which was well accepted by the common people.

Premier Li also urged acceleration of comprehensive law enforcement in cities, prevention of overlapping law enforcement and inspection and enhancement of the effectiveness of management and service.

By regulating the behaviors of the urban management officers, a favorable business environment would be created, urban management levels would be improved and government credibility would also be increased to build better cities in China, the Premier said.