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Govt to clarify list of power and responsibility

Updated: Mar 21,2017 4:04 PM

At the State Council’s fifth work conference on clean governance on March 21, Premier Li Keqiang urged introducing a list system to regulate government power and responsibility.

All departments under the State Council are asked to submit a power and responsibility list as soon as possible. Administrative approvals will be further streamlined according to laws, except for those relating to major security and public interests, the Premier said.

The two-way random inspection mechanism will be fully implemented this year, according to the Premier, in an effort to further promote the reform of comprehensive law enforcement and eliminate illegal activity that can lead to bribery and corruption.

The Premier also called for the use of intelligent technologies such as big data, to record the whole supervision process and prevent abuse of power.

“We should build a clean government by optimizing public service,” he said, urging authorities to improve services at city halls, and promote integration with online service platforms.

A special plan to cut paperwork should be rolled out this year, the Premier said, during which unnecessary documents should either be cut or merged for the convenience of companies and citizens.

As for fund management, Premier Li asked government departments to list their revenue and expenses in a unified budget and eliminate any illicit off-book accounts. “All departments that use government funds should open their budgets and final statements to the public,” the Premier said.

National public resource trading platforms should be further improved to promote resource sharing, information transparency, and resource trading on the internet, he said, stressing that online regulation should be strengthened to promote transparency of resource trading.

Funds concerning civil sectors belong to the people and should be guarded and managed in a strict manner, he emphasized.

Efforts should be made to promote poverty relief, subsistence allowance, and targeted poverty alleviation to avoid nepotism in poverty alleviation, according to the Premier.

As the growth of fiscal revenue slows and spending in various sectors increases, efforts should be intensified to sort out and revitalize funds to ensure the efficient and safe use of public funds, Premier Li said.

“State-owned assets are the common wealth of all people,” said the Premier. Timely supervision must be exercised over State-owned enterprises and assets that have “gone global”, Premier Li said. He urged improving the performance evaluation and accountability systems for offshore State-owned assets.