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State Council’s efforts to promote China’s tourism industry

Updated: May 19,2017 2:59 PM

Premier Li Keqiang delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the First World Conference on Tourism Development in Beijing, May 19, 2016.[Photo/Xinhua]

China’s tourist market has grown in recent years due to economic and social development. The flourishing of tourism in the world’s second-largest economy shows a promising future as more people want to spend their holidays at resorts. With the 7th National Tourism Day around the corner, a review of the State Council’s efforts to promote tourism development:

Premier Li’s focus on tourism

Tourism development is one of the big issues on Premier Li Keqiang’s agenda. The Premier brought up some ideas concerning the development of tourism on many occasions.

Premier Li Keqiang inspects the visitor service center in Sanya, Hainan province, March 22, 2016.[Photo/Xinhua]

1. Developing all-for-one tourism

The concept of all-for-one tourism was put forward by the Premier in this year’s government work report.

According to the Premier, efforts will be made to improve tourist facilities and services, and a big push will be made to develop rural tourism, recreational tourism, and all-for-one tourism.

All-for-one tourism is defined as a regional development mode that requires comprehensive efforts to promote construction, management, and service of tourist resorts, which drives the local economic and social development.

2. Embracing era of popular tourism

In last year’s government work report, Premier Li urged efforts to embrace the era of popular tourism by implementing the system of vacation with pay and enhancing construction of tourism transportation, tourist resorts, self-driving tour camps, and regulating tourism market order.

3. Creating fair and favorable tourism market environment

Premier Li stressed a fair and high-quality tourism market environment for the benefit of tourists, during a tour in March 2016 in Sanya, an island resort in Hainan province.

During a visit to the island’s visitor service center, the Premier heard reports that the number of complaints by tourists was sharply reduced, from 130 to nine.

Premier Li Keqiang inspects the visitor service center in Sanya, Hainan province, March 22, 2016.[Photo/Xinhua]

4. Improving tourist service ‘software’

During the visit to Sanya’s visitor service center last year, Premier Li said that Hainan province should not only improve its “hardware” of tourism infrastructure but also promote tourist services.

Modern tourism covers the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. As an international tourist attraction, Hainan province should make efforts to improve the tourism industry to drive upgrades in its first, secondary, and tertiary industries, according to the Premier.

5. Developing local feature tourism

In April 2016, Premier Li visited Longmen town, Sichuan province, which was the epicenter of the Lushan earthquake.

New streets with local features were built in the ancient town, attracting tourists and bringing more income for local people.

During his visit, the Premier said that efforts should be made to improve tourist services to attract domestic and foreign visitors.

State Council policies on tourism

To improve the tourism industry, the State Council also issued a series of policies.

1. Tourism development plan

In December 2016, the State Council issued a development plan for the tourism industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

The plan set up a target of about 10 percent annual growth in visitor numbers, more than 11 percent growth in total tourism profits, and more than 14 percent in annual increase of direct investment in the tourism industry.

By 2020, China’s tourism market will reach a scale of 6.7 billion visits, 2 trillion yuan ($290 billion) investment, and 7 trillion yuan in profits, according to the plan.

2. Tourism consumption upgrade

Last November, the State Council issued a circular regarding the upgrade in tourism consumption.

According to the circular, 100 all-in-one tourism demonstration zones will be added, and policies for rural tourism infrastructure construction will be introduced.

3. Tourism market regulation

In February 2016, the State Council issued a circular to strengthen tourism market regulations to further streamline the tourism market and protect the rights of tourists.

4. Focus on tourism market

At the end of 2015, the State Council issued a circular to further promote tourism investment and consumption.

The circular put forward 26 measures to promote the development of tourism infrastructure, improvement in tourism consumption environment, development of rural tourism, and the optimization of holiday scheduling.

5. Tourism market standards

At the end of 2015, the State Council issued a circular regarding the development of national standardization system, which also stipulates the study of tourism industry standards.

In April, the National Tourism Administration issued a development plan for tourism standardization during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, aimed at promoting the development of all-in-one tourism.

6. Tourism market reform

In August 2014, the State Council issued a circular on tourism reform and development.

According to the circular, by 2020, domestic tourism consumption will reach 5.5 trillion yuan, annual per capita tours will hit 4.5, and proportion of tourism’s added value in GDP will surpass 5 percent.