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Premier Li emphasizes innovation for future development

Updated: Jun 25,2017 2:10 PM

Premier Li Keqiang has called for more efforts in promoting innovation-driven development, and said a new round of technological and industrial revolution will bring profound changes to the world.

Premier Li made the remarks on June 22 while chairing a symposium on the new round of world technological and industrial revolution, with scientific scholars also briefing scientific development in sectors including artificial intelligence, quantum science and gene editing.

“The emerging technology and industry revolution will have huge impact on world economy, politics, industries, and people’s lives,” the Premier said.

“Such momentum brings tremendous opportunities as well as great uncertainties.

“Thus, preparation should be made to take the opportunity of the technology and industry transformation, and create a bright future for China’s modernization.”

Premier Li added efforts should be made to further implement innovation driven development strategies, as well as catch up with world leading sciences and technologies, including artificial intelligence, quantum science, gene editing and new materials, and new energy.

In sectors significant to core international interests and security and people’ lives, efforts should also be made to coordinate with the strategies of Made in China 2025 and Internet Plus. The move would prompt technological breakthroughs, enhance sustainable industrial innovation capabilities, upgrade traditional industries, and foster new driving forces, promoting a long-term medium-to-high economic growth, the Premier said.

“Fundamental researches should be strengthened to gain the initiatives in the new round of world technology competition,” he said.

Support and incentive measures would then be taken to promote company roles in fundamental research development, as well as encourage scientific researchers to explore unknown spaces.

Premier Li said, at the same time, fundamental researchers should coordinate with applied researches to accelerate transformation of scientific researches into productivity.

“Current technology is different from previous technology; so, to gain the initiative, it is essential to enhance reform and opening-up, and cultivate new innovation mechanisms and entities,” he said.

The Premier added efforts would be made to further streamlining, delegating and service reforms, and improve scientific project funding review mechanisms. It would also open up major national scientific research infrastructure, data, and equipment to innovation entities, as well as promote mass entrepreneurship, innovation, and international innovation cooperation.

“Efforts should also be made to create favorable environment and inclusive regulations to boost new industrial development,” he said.