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Premier encourages farmers to innovate

Updated: Jul 10,2017 5:42 PM

Premier Li Keqiang encouraged farmers to learn advanced agricultural technology and start their own business, while visiting an agricultural high-tech industrial zone in Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, on July 10.

There are now over 80 farmers being trained in the industrial park, so that they can be more knowledgeable about starting businesses back in their hometowns. On seeing the Premier, they were so excited and competed to introduce their business plan.

Premier Li urged local government to cultivate more talent and make institutional innovations, before popularizing their success to other places.

After learning that several farmers are applying agricultural science and technology to villages while sending agricultural products to cities via mobile applications, the Premier praised the initiatives as “internet plus agriculture plus poverty alleviation”.

The Premier also visited the Yangling Agricultural Cloud Co, where he watched a cloud map of big data information, including land transactions and intelligent farms.

He said agriculture depends on weather as well as “cloud”, as “agriculture plus information technology” is no longer a weak industry, and “agriculture plus internet plus mass entrepreneurship and innovation” has great potential for development.

His visit came amid a heat wave, as local temperate reached 39 degree Celsius and the government issued a yellow alert.

Despite the heat, the Premier visited four parks inside the industrial zone over half a day.