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Premier Li: Let good policies benefit scientists

Updated: Aug 26,2017 7:27 AM

Premier Li Keqiang said it is crucial to implement policies that support scientific innovation and “truly benefit scientists and technologists”.

At the State Council executive meeting on Aug 23, he received a briefing about incentives in place for scientific researchers and reform of sci-tech projects funds management.

The Premier said these measures were needed to support innovation-driven development.

The day before, he made a similar statement while visiting the Ministry of Science and Technology, saying that the reform of sci-tech research systems and preferential policies must be firmly implemented. “The barriers to implementing the policies must be removed,” he said.

“China is pressing ahead with reform of sci-tech fund management and has issued incentive measures, to encourage the innovative spirit of sci-tech workers,” Premier Li said.

However, he added that, more efforts were still needed to close loopholes, and make these policies deliver more dividends to sci-tech workers.

Premier Li said some enterprises have formed teams for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” to produce customized products and distribute income based on sales, profits, and shares.

These practices can be promoted elsewhere, the Premier said.

He also urged all departments to enhance cooperation and coordination to ensure the implementation of every measure related to innovation and entrepreneurship.