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Premier: Put more resources into tackling cancer

Updated: Oct 11,2017 7:26 AM

“More research resources and money should be put into combating cancer,” Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on Oct 9.

“We have made breakthroughs in major scientific projects such as space and ocean exploration. In the next step, we must work hard to tackle health problems,” he said.

“Some developed countries have made achievements in understanding the pathogenesis and cure of cancer. China is still lagging behind in this field. From now on, we must catch up!”

Official data show that in 2013, cancer incidence in China is 235 per 100,000 people and the death rate is 144.3 per 100,000. Cancer has become one of the top public health problems.

A decision was also made at the meeting to support advanced healthcare equipment, pharmaceutical industry, technology and traditional Chinese medicine. “The effect of some Chinese herbs’ extracts has already been recognized by the international community. Yet our technologies such as purification still need to be improved,” the Premier said.

He emphasized that the drug market should be opened up to force domestic medicine industry to improve its competitiveness.

Data show that the value of the healthcare industry accounts for over 15 percent of GDP in some developed countries, while in China, the number is 6 percent, indicating much room of improvement.