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Premier Li urges information disclosure on public resource allocation

Updated: Dec 7,2017 9:19 PM

Premier Li Keqiang said more information should be disclosed on the allocation of public resources at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 6.

On the issue of illegal access to government-subsidized housing, a housing solution to low-income people, revealed by the National Audit Office, Premier Li said at the meeting that a major reason behind the illegal access is that related information was not made public, leading to corruption and undermining government credibility.

“From now on, government information should be opened to the public as much as possible on the allocation of public resources,” the Premier said.

At the meeting, measures on information openness in this field were decided. The whole process in allocating public resources will be opened to the public and be traced, to reduce interference and ensure fair governance, Premier Li said.

He urged local government and departments at all levels to identify information disclosure in key areas including allocation of subsidized housing, government procurement, transactions on State-owned assets and biddings and tenders on construction projects.

According to the meeting, they should also release information on public resource allocation through official websites, microblog, WeChat, apps and news media, and share the data with the national platform on public resource transaction in a real-time manner.

“Information sharing and disclosure shall be combined to prevent frauds in application of subsidized housing, subsistence allowance and poverty relief fund,” said Premier Li.

He also asked for better ways in the fiscal support to ensure subsidies really help those in need.

Premier Li asked that related departments should speed up the establishment of a credibility system with a blacklist for violators.

Information transparency is the premise and guarantee for fair governance, the Premier said.