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Benefits of Premier’s Government Work Report

Updated: Mar 17,2018 6:51 AM

This year, the tasks laid out in Premier Li Keqiang’s Government Work Report will bring real benefits to the general public soon.

Cheaper mobile service

According to Miao Wei, minister of Industry and Information Technology, tariffs for mobile data traffic will be reduced by 30 percent this year compared with 2017.

The ministry will urge telecom operators to move fast to allow subscribers to enjoy this benefit before July 1.

Individual income tax reform

The Ministry of Finance will initiate the reform as soon as possible and push forward work on related legislation.

The reform will raise the taxable threshold and add more deduction items, such as spending on the treatment of major diseases and children’s education.

Medical insurance

The governmental subsidies on basic medical insurance for residents will be increased by 40 yuan ($6.3), half of which will go to insurance on major illnesses.

Breast cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer will be covered this year under collective treatment of major illnesses.


Huge classes with over 66 pupils will be abolished by 2018. By 2020, large-sized classes should be eliminated in urban areas.

To relieve the study burden on students, teachers in public schools will not be allowed to have connections with training institutions. And student recruitment should not rely on students’ grades in various examinations or competitions.

River chief system

The river chief and lake chief system will be widely implemented over the country before the end of June this year.

Rural transportation

China is determined to build cement roads for most counties and villages by 2019, and bring in passenger car services for most villages by 2020.

Land contract

Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said the ministry would revise relevant laws and regulations in coordination with related departments.

The government encourages those already settled in cities to return contracted land to rural collectives based on their choices and according to laws.

Trademark registration

According to Zhang Mao, head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the processing time for trademark registration will be shortened from eight months to six months this year.