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Premier urges more resources for preschool education

Updated: May 28,2018 7:36 PM

“More preschool education resources should be in place through diversified channels, to ease the short supply,” Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on May 23.

The task was included in this year’s Government Work Report, which highlighted the role of the internet in supervision of preschool education.

According to the meeting, policies on community kindergartens in cities and towns should be strictly implemented, and private sectors are encouraged to provide inclusive preschool education facilities.

Meanwhile, the security of kindergartens was stressed.

“In addition to kindergartens, various nursery schools also should be built to meet people’s needs, “ Premier Li said.

He added that excessive charges should be monitored with enhanced regulations on illegal behaviors.

“Video surveillance, if well applied, can protect both children and teachers,” Premier Li said.

He stressed that preschool education concerns the livelihood of the public, and related departments should take solid action to address this issue.