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All-inclusive e-government platform urged

Updated: Jul 20,2018 7:00 PM

Premier Li Keqiang, while chairing a State Council executive meeting on July 18, pressed for the introduction of widely available access to online consultation and feedback in the process of constructing a multifaceted and integrated national e-governmental platform.

Despite the advent of regional e-government platforms, there are still thorny issues, highlighting inconsistent and arbitrary administrative performances. An all-encompassing platform is urgently needed in a bid to beef up the streamlining of administration and delegating powers, the Premier said.

Data set accessible to people

E-government platforms that benefit market entities and people come down to extensive information sharing, hence all statistics meant to be open to the public should circulate freely online, and all departments should keep an eye on the interests of the people, the Premier said.

It was decided at the meeting that authorities of all levels should put together inventories of specific governmental service items, and conduct administrative performances in line with a set of fixed benchmarks adopted nationwide. Meanwhile, a unified system for identity authentication, electronic seals and licenses should be launched.

Helmed by the website of the State Council, the well-knit network consists of interlinked governmental service platforms of departments across the board, granting market entities and people accessibility to related administrative items through a unified portal.

People-oriented e-platform

Gone are the days when authorities decided the content on e-government platforms without considering people’s actual needs, which incurred a mess of problems, including delayed responses to people’s concerns, inaccessible information, and rumors resulting from misunderstandings surrounding issues, the Premier said.

An expedited online channel for consultation and feedback, he added, should be massively prioritized to let the government hear people’s voices and usher in a people-oriented e-platform, in a bid to progressively build a benign social credit system.

Online security is nothing to be sneezed at, and people’s privacy and enterprises’ confidential information should be legally protected on e-platforms, said the Premier.

It was also decided at the meeting that the government will facilitate the active participation of all social forces in the construction of the platform by purchasing substantial services, and promote the accessibility and efficiency of government services with advanced information technologies.

In addition, all departments concerned should accelerate the construction of the platform simultaneously in accordance with a unified guideline, to further benefit people and motivate the market.