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Reforms should prioritize daily concerns of people, enterprises

Updated: Oct 4,2018 2:49 PM

Keywords of the State Council executive meetings in the past six months: streamlining administration, delegating powers, and improving regulations and services

State Council executive meeting on May 2

Measures will be taken to cut the time for starting a business and approving engineering construction projects by at least half to further improve the business environment.

- The length of time required to start a business in municipalities, sub-provincial cities and provincial capitals will be reduced from an average of more than 20 workdays to eight and a half by the end of the year, and this would be followed by national implementation in the first half of next year.

- Measures to halve the time required for government approval of construction projects from the current average level of more than 200 workdays to 120 will be implemented in pilot cities, and this will be rolled out nationwide in the first half of next year.

Quotes from the Premier:

- This is not only a problem that the market entity reflects strongly and is eager to solve, but also the key to reforms in streamlining administration, delegating powers, and improving regulations and services, which are crucial to the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure and the long-term stable and healthy development of the economy.

- The government will continuously optimize the business environment and stimulate market vitality and social creativity to a greater extent, which is crucial to the high-quality development of the economy.

State Council executive meeting on May 16

1. More efforts should be made to push forward the construction of a unified e-platform for government services, achieving one-stop management and offering convenience to enterprises and the public.

- At least 90 percent of the service items offered by provincial-level authorities and 70 percent offered by city- and county-level authorities will be made accessible online before the end of 2019.

2. It was decided that one-stop services for the business filing and registration of foreign-invested enterprises will be introduced nationwide.

Quotes from the Premier:

- It is of great necessity to achieve a unified e-platform for government services.

- Internet Plus government services are inclusive management, and government information should be made available, unless there are confidentiality reasons.

State Council executive meeting on June 6

1. The reform and innovation of management in market regulation will be promoted by fully implementing inspections by randomly selected inspectors against randomly selected entities and prompt release of inspection results.

2. Decisions were made to overhaul all kinds of certificates and relieve the public and enterprises of unnecessary trouble.

3. More efforts will be taken to further improve the social credit system.

Quotes from the Premier:

- The comprehensive implementation of “double-random” checks and openness of check results means that market regulators should both comprehensively select targets for inspection and dispatch inspectors at random, as well as promptly release the results to the public.

- Reform should be closely connected to the daily concerns of the people and enterprises. The government should overhaul all kinds of unnecessary certificates, making it easier for people and enterprises to get things done.

- Cancellation does not equal abdication, and departments of the government or the internal system of the industry should take responsibility for verification, and relieve people or enterprises of unnecessary certificates.

- A social credit system should be established. Violations of laws and regulations such as swindling and false advertisements will be exposed to the public and rectified.

State Council executive meeting on July 18

1. Decisions were made to achieve the continuous optimization of the business environment, and to enhance comprehensive competitiveness and sustain the sound momentum of steady economic performance.

2. Decisions were also made to accelerate the construction of a nationwide integrated online government service platform, and facilitate the public with a unified e-platform for government services.

Quotes from the Premier:

- The market and our people will have the final judgment on the success of our efforts in reforms in streamlining administration, delegating powers, and improving regulations and services.

- The market should be massively boosted, people should be sufficiently motivated, and powers should be delegated to market entities, creating a fair environment for market competition, and energizing entrepreneurship and the innovation of enterprises.

- Reforms in streamlining administration, delegating powers, and improving regulations and services are not transforming powers between different departments. This should bring benefits to the people and give profits to market entities.

- A modern government should respond to social concerns and demands in a timely manner. Our government must adhere to a people-centered development ideology. And effective reforms must satisfy the people and facilitate market entities.

State Council executive meeting on Sept 12

1. Decisions were made to launch a nationwide reform to separate business licenses from operation permits.

2. The government will further cut production permits for industrial goods by over one-third.

3. The government will also cancel unnecessary certificates for public convenience.

Quotes from the Premier:

- To push the reform of separating business licenses from operation permits, we must further ease market access while strengthening supervision. The government should fulfill its responsibility in regulation while allowing the market to play a bigger role.

- A detailed standard should be given and made public on how to compress approval time limit, how to optimize approval processes, and how to inform the public while strengthening regulation. In this way, the government bears a heavier responsibility, although its approval items are cut.

- We had too many administrative departments in the past. Many departments were related to production security. However, this makes it easier to shift responsibilities. So we decided to cancel part of the approval items, and demanded the supervision department to strengthen supervision, thus promoting improved quality and upgraded Chinese manufacturing.

- The public should be well-informed about required certificates, and any arbitrary demands for certificates should be corrected, in order to solve the problem from the source.

State Council executive meeting on Sept 26

Decisions were made to roll out more measures to facilitate the delivery of major foreign-invested projects, lower tariffs on some imported goods, and streamline customs clearance procedures at a faster pace in an effort to expand opening-up.

Quotes from the Premier:

- The government should maintain stable and healthy development of the economy in the face of a complicated domestic and international situation, and foster greater opening-up and carry out a more active opening-up policy while expending domestic demand, creating a fairer business environment that will attract foreign investment.