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Premier urges efforts to implement tasks set in govt work report

Updated: Mar 22,2019 9:43 PM

Premier Li Keqiang urged efforts to complete development tasks and targets set in the 2019 Government Work Report.

The Premier made the remarks at the State Council executive meeting on March 20, saying that, for work that people highly expect and government must do, policies should be introduced as soon as possible.

Those at the meeting allocated tasks in the Government Work Report to different departments, and decided on time limits.

Related departments should step up efforts to release detailed measures to deepen reform and opening-up, streamline administration, cut taxes and fees, improve the business environment and foster new drivers, Premier Li said.

The Premier added that the documents are not necessarily long, but should be pragmatic with underlined key tasks, so that related departments will know what their priorities are.

According to recent comments from foreign media, the success of China’s two sessions, to a certain extent, bolsters confidence in the market with positive trends.

Premier Li said government honestly admits downward pressures and adopts targeted policies, that’s why the market returns positive signals. Thus, efforts must be intensified to implement key measures clarified in the Government Work Report to fulfill promises to people as scheduled.

For example, to develop community aged-care services benefits both the elderly and younger generations as they can set aside energy for jobs and starting businesses, he said.

Such policies are not only livelihood projects that people expect, but also targeted measures to ease economic downward pressures. Therefore, efforts should be intensified to promote early implementation and speedy fund allocations to ensure these policies take effect as soon as possible.

While meeting the press on March 15, Premier Li announced cuts on VAT and the social insurance premium, starting April 1 and May 1, respectively. At the State Council executive meeting on March 20, he called for detailed plans of policies set for this year and implementation, step by step.

For policies that are ready to be released, related departments should press ahead without any delay to benefit market players and the public at an early time, Premier Li said.

“Economic data has kept stable for the first two months of this year, showing improvement of market expectation, but we should never relax,” he added.

Many people complain that they do not want to drive home during the Spring Festival holidays, because of traffic congestion, especially near expressway toll stations, according to the Premier.

He pointed out that there are still obstacles that constrain growth of domestic consumption.

“To eliminate expressway toll booths at provincial borders, coordination among departments of transportation, finance and public security are required,” he said.

Premier Li also called for support policies and an improved supervision mechanism, as well as eradication of any negligence and the dereliction of duty.

“Through effective implementation of the policies, we could stimulate market vitality, withstand downward pressure, and promote development of high quality,” he said.

Premier Li urged all departments to implement the policies earnestly and to fulfill the promises set by the Government Work Report.