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Prevention and control of natural disasters to be strengthened

Updated: Mar 28,2019 11:01 PM

Premier Li Keqiang made an important instruction on preventing and controlling forest and grassland fires, drought and floods to a national videophone conference on March 28.

The Premier said that efforts should be intensified to prevent and mitigate risks and eliminate major lurking dangers.

In fighting forest and grassland fires, prevention and control should be coordinated, while prevention should be prioritized. Also, authorities at different levels should shoulder their responsibilities and enhance the capability for fire prevention, control and rescue, in an effort to avoid major fire disasters.

The prevention of drought and floods should also be strengthened. Water infrastructure should be perfected to ensure the safety of controlling floods and discharging water. In addition, related mechanisms and systems should be improved, such as monitoring and warning, emergency command and quick rescue mechanisms.

State Councilor Wang Yong, also head of the state headquarters of forest and grassland fire prevention and control, flood control and drought relief, attended the conference. He stressed that the prevention and control of disasters, as well as emergency rescue, must be strengthened to minimize losses in forest and grassland fires, drought and floods.

The climate this year is not so satisfying in general, said Wang. The country is facing severe threat from fire disasters, flood and drought, so precautions must be taken in terms of screening and eradicating potential hazards as well as enhancing disaster monitoring and warning systems.

Emphasis should be put in preventing spring conflagration in forests and on grasslands, with stricter regulation on sources of combustion and pre-deployment of rescue forces, he urged.

Damages caused by disasters should be closely watched and flood control facilities should be organized scientifically to ensure normal agricultural production and safe drinking water, the state councilor said.

Work must be carried out during emergencies as well as the mechanism to report disasters. Moreover, the alert system should be unimpeded in order to take precautions in a timely manner. No efforts should be spared to protect lives and property, he said.