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Personal postal articles tax to be cut

Updated: Apr 5,2019 7:06 PM

Premier Li Keqiang called for tax cuts in personal postal articles and imported commodities at the State Council executive meeting on April 3.

Personal postal articles tax refers to the import tax on personal baggage and postal items entering China, and takes the form of tariffs, import value-added tax, and consumption tax.

The meeting decided to reduce the rates of personal postal articles tax on articles crossing the border.

The Premier said cuts will not only contribute to expanding imports and consumption, but also bring people real benefits.

The meeting also decided measures for cutting these tax rates. Starting April 9 the tax rate on food and medicine will be cut from 15 to 13 percent, and the tax rate on textiles and electrical appliances will be cut from 25 to 20 percent.

Premier Li asked customs to further facilitate clearance processes based on the new rates.

Some regions have introduced mobile payments and other methods through which people can easier pay personal postal articles tax, the Premier said, adding that such methods can be spread to reduce the levying cost and to bring convenience to people, if payment safety can be ensured.