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Premier stresses importance of vocational training

Updated: May 23,2019 8:33 PM

On May 23, Premier Li Keqiang sent an instruction to a teleconference on vocational training about the importance of training for developing a skilled, knowledgeable and innovative workforce.

The Premier said that launching a large-scale vocational training campaign will be a significant measure to improve workers’ skills, ease structural employment issues and expand employment, which is a solid foundation for high-quality economic development.

A total of 100 billion yuan in unemployment insurance funds and other training funds will be allocated to the campaign improving vocational skills.

The campaign aims to provide targeted training programs for enterprise staff, relocated workers at poorly operated companies, key employment groups and poverty-stricken labor groups, and to enhance safety training for workers in dangerous industries, according to the Premier.

Vocational schools, enterprises and social training institutions will be supported to provide training programs, with increased administrative reforms and better government services.

The supervision of training funds should be strengthened and their efficiency should be increased, the instruction said.

Hu Chunhua, state councilor and head of the leading group on employment, also addressed the conference.

He said the goal of vocational training is to raise workers’ skills, quality and entrepreneurial ability, adding that the key of this year’s work on employment is to ensure job stability.

He also called for the active participation of various training institutions to provide prepared workers for enterprises, based on market demand.

Resource allocation, government supervision, and the market’s role in vocational training were also stressed at the conference.