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The Premier and Greek PM jointly meet with the press

Updated: Jun 19,2014 10:56 AM


In the afternoon of June 19 local time, Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras of Greece jointly met in Athens with the press and answered questions after their talks.

Li Keqiang introduced the results of the talks between the two Premiers. He pointed out that as two ancient civilizations of the East and the West, both China and Greece enjoy a glorious history and culture, and have made special contributions to human civilization. The traditional friendship between the two peoples has stood the test and been constantly deepened. After the Libyan crisis, Greece provided invaluable assistance to Chinese nationals in their returning to China through Greece; when Greece suffered the impact of sovereign debt crisis, China has always been convinced that Greece has the ability to overcome the temporary difficulties and has provided assistance within its capacity. China is a long-term and responsible investor of Greek state bonds. The development of China-Greece relations is mutually beneficial with win-win results.

In response to reporters’ questions about China’s economy, Li Keqiang said that China’s economy is generally stable this year with an economic growth of 7.4 percent in the first quarter, which falls in a reasonable range. This year, we have set major goals including a GDP growth of about 7.5 percent, urban new jobs of more than 10 million and a CPI rise of about 3.5 percent, and decided that economic growth is allowed to be a little higher or a little lower than 7.5 percent as long as it is conducive to supporting relatively full employment, and we will ensure that changes in the price level will not produce a big impact on people’s lives. Faced with downward pressure, we have guaranteed economic operation in a reasonable range by presetting, fine-tuning, interval control, directional control and other measures instead of taking strong stimulus measures. We pay more attention to structural reforms, derive a driving force from reform, promote development by benefiting people’s livelihood and maintain a medium to high growth of China’s economy in a relatively long time.

Samaras said that Greece and China have enjoyed a brotherly friendship, maintained mutual trust and support and carried out strategic cooperation. China has provided valuable support to Greece to overcome the crisis. To further expand Greece-China cooperation will benefit the two countries and Europe alike. Greece is willing to give play to its regional advantages, strengthen cooperation with China in ports, railways, shipping and other areas, build the port of Piraeus into a regional trade transit center and make it a gateway for Chinese goods to enter Europe, and promote Eurasian cooperation.