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Implementing revised Environmental Protection Law

Updated: Mar 15,2015 4:14 PM

The revised Environmental Protection Law went into effect at the beginning of the year. Premier Li Keqiang gave a recap of last year’s anti-pollution efforts, and said more support will be given to enforcement of the law.

“Last year I said the Chinese government will declare war on environmental pollution. We’re determined to carry forward our efforts until we achieve our goals. We must get our focus of efforts right. This year, our focus will ensure the full implementation of the newly revised Environmental Protection Law,” Li said at a press conference in Beijing on March 15.

“All acts of all illegal production and emissions will be brought to justice and held accountable. We need to make the cost for doing so, too high to bear. We’ll also be giving more support to the law enforcement department, including capacity building. And no one must use his power to interfere with law enforcement in this regard.”